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8  1/2"  x  11" paperback

perfect binding 

A collaborative, non-profit anthology of literary submissions and the writing craft. Authors include: Nava Atlas, Dean Baris, Janet Bornstein, Paula J. Botch, Elizabeth Bullock, Sofija V. Canavan, Sally A. Connolly, Claire Cook, Katherine Critelli, Skip DeBrusk, Karyn Donahue, Bill Dunn, Harriet Emerson, Richard Fannoney, Robert Feeney, Dennis Feeney, Alessandra Fisher, Dave Fisher, Ralph Fletcher, Sarah Fox, Chris Fraas, Walter C. Frye, Elizabeth Evans Fryer, Frank M. Hynes, Marilyn Johnson, Robert Laplander, Valerie Lawson, Jamie Long, Heidi Marble, Mark McNulty, Robert McNulty, Richard Mills, Shea Mullaney, Erin O’Brien, Jay O’Callahan, April Parker, D. T. Pollard, Stephen Puleo, Chet Raymo, Jordan Rich, William Russo, Mike Ryan, Bob Sanchez, Jackson Sellers, Tucker Smallwood, Reed F. Stewart, Renee Summers, Michael Trainor, Kimmy Van Kooten, Caitlin Womersley, Alexander Woodbury and Virginia Young. The book encourages the ‘writer in all of us’ to become engaged in literary pursuits. All proceeds from the sale of this book benefit Sowing Seeds of Marshfield, Massachusetts.

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6" x  9" paperback - perfect  binding

6" x  9" paperback - coil  binding


The Sea Shack

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The Sea Shack, Mark McNulty’s debut children’s novel, is an example of how  powerful and inspiring books can be. Through artful writing, Mark tells the tale of Andrew O’Brien. When his father must go away on business, Andrew is forced to spend the summer with his grandfather on the shores of Cape Cod. He barely knows his grandfather and vows to make the summer a miserable one for everyone. He does not realize, however, that his grandfather has plans of his own. If Grampy has his way, Andy’s summer at the sea shack will be one that changes the boy’s life forever…      

     Experience the cottage that inspired the book... The Sea Shack     


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photo  - The Bog - Andra Smith